Performance Manufacturing China

PMC specialise largely in sewn products (kites, windsurfing sails and accessories) and composite products (masts, SUP paddle shafts, twintip and inflatable boards).

  • 32,000 square metres factory floor space
  • Over 1,000 employees
  • 2,500 sails produced monthly
  • 4,000 kites produced monthly
  • 2,000 kite boards produced monthly
  • 1,000 masts produced monthly
  • 1,000 paddles produced monthly
  • 500 Inflatable SUP (standup paddle) boards produced monthly

Performance Manufacturing Thailand

PMT focus on garments, technical apparel and wetsuit production.

  • 25,000 square metres factory floor space
  • Over 800 employees
  • 100,000 pieces of lycra garments produced monthly
  • 12,000 wetsuits produced monthly


With factories in China and Thailand, the Pryde Group’s manufacturing business employs around 2,000 workers and operates under the name Performance Manufacturing. Developed initially to manufacture the company’s own products, Performance Manufacturing has emerged as a highly successful specialist manufacturer of high performance sports equipment for the sporting goods industry, supplying products to many of the leading brands.