Performance Manufacturing China

Performance Manufacturing China, specialises largely in sewn products (traction kites, windsurfing sails, dinghy sails and accessories). The expertise accumulated over decades of manufacturing has made PMC the preferred supplier of sails for many Olympic and Youth classes.

Performance Manufacturing Thailand

Performance Manufacturing Thailand focuses on garments, technical apparel, flotation vests, and wetsuit production. Strong partnerships with leading raw material suppliers, such as Yamamoto for Neoprene, has allowed PMT to develop a unique expertise and top quality production. In house capabilities include neoprene slicing/laminating, short lead time “teamwear” and automated printing. Premium and boutique brands in water wear have selected PMT as a supplier thanks to the constant top quality production and opportunity for variety that it delivers.


With factories in China and Thailand, the Pryde Group’s manufacturing business employs around 900 workers and operates under the name Performance Manufacturing. Developed initially to manufacture the company’s own products, Performance Manufacturing has emerged as a highly successful specialist manufacturer of high performance sports equipment for the sporting goods industry, supplying products to many of the leading brands.