Pryde Group owns a portfolio of high performance brands, each targeting a specific niche in the marine and adventure sports markets

NeilPryde Windsurfing is the original Pryde Group brand and the benchmark for quality and performance in the windsurfing business. NeilPryde sails and rigs have won over 50 World Titles, dominate competitive windsurfing at national and international levels, and hold the current speed world record. NeilPryde Windsurfing has been the official supplier of windsurfing sails, rigs and boards to the Barcelona, Beijing and London Olympic Games and is set to continue in Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

Since 2000, Cabrinha, a subsidiary of the Pryde Group, has climbed the ranks to take the position as the leading kitesurfing brand, selling in over 40 countries worldwide. Inspired and driven by Maui-based waterman, Pete Cabrinha, the company produces everything from kites to boards to accessories and sponsors the top athletes in the sport.
The Cabrinha approach to kiteboarding has evolved very much from the same philosophy that Pete has applied to his many years of surfing. By keeping an open mind to all styles of riding and embracing new technologies, Cabrinha has been able to lead kitesurfing into a new era of performance. Our research and development facility in Maui is perfectly situated for testing in any and all wind and water conditions. This, combined with our own state of the art production facility, assures consistency and accuracy from design to production.

NP is a line of aesthetically engineered water-sports equipment and accessories that has earned its respect from water. Waterborne, technical, functional. Developed to enhance the performance and appearance of an increasingly thirsty breed of explorers and adventurers who are not just looking to push the boundaries, but to blur them as well.

Named after Jason Polakow, the former Wavesailing World Champion and figurehead of the brand, JPA is the premium, high-performance windsurfing and SUP board brand. JPA boards are frequent winners of consumer tests and regularly top industry polls as the "most desired board brand" in the European market.

Innovative designs and superior construction techniques have made Imagine Surf grow from a small, pioneering company that began in 2004 into one of the leading stand up brands in the world today. From entry-level beginner surfing SUPs to the fastest race boards in the world, Imagine Surf has put together an international distribution network second to none, so no matter where you are, you too can get one.

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The latest range in our stable of high-performance, cutting-edge products – NeilPryde bikes. Designed through collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA but borne from our Will to Win! The unique design and technology are an evolution of years of experience working with composites and a deep understanding of aerodynamic principals. But the primary focus is the same as with all Pryde Group divisions – to elegantly engineer products that allow you to ride longer, harder and faster.

NeilPryde Sailing has been developed with one goal in mind: to redefine the silhouette of small boat sailing apparel. Built on the ideology that "winning is everything", Neil Pryde Sailing is a technology-focused division set up to give the small boat racing sailor the very best in performance apparel. Utilising the very latest in technical fabrics combined with Olympic athlete development input, NeilPryde Sailing is set to become a major player on the World's sailing scene.

NeilPryde Sails manufactures yacht sails for a wide variety of classes. The division prides itself on a combination of craftsmanship, technology, and efficient manufacturing methods. With 40 years of experience under its belt, NeilPryde Sails thrives on traditional handwork, attention to detail, high-tech CAD/CAM tools, laser cutters and special purpose sewing platforms to produce the finest sails.